Community Service

Mr. Jain serves as an Inspirational Hymn of Praise (Prerna Strotra) for Shree Aggarsain International Hospital, Delhi. He is a trustee for Maharaja Agrasen Hospital, Delhi, as well as Kamdhenu Mangal Parivar (Trust for Cows) and Divya Jyoti Niwas (School for Blind Children), both in Delhi.

Additionally, he is associated with different other temples, hospitals, and religious bodies.

Empowerment and Impact

The JITO Administration Training Foundation (JATF), a flagship initiative of JITO, holds a significant place in our journey. As proud members (membership no. 221 Delhi) of JITO’s flagship program since 2008, we have steadfastly embraced its principled path.

JATF stands as a beacon, consistently empowering young minds across the nation. Committed to nurturing a generation dedicated to humanity, brotherhood, non-violence, and peace, JATF acts as a catalyst for transformative change.

With a core mission to nurture excellence in governance and ethical values, JATF champions education empowerment. The foundation instills a sense of responsibility in civil services, encourages higher studies, promotes cultural development, opens avenues for employment, and contributes to the sustainable growth of communities, societies, and the nation at large.

Over the years, JATF’s impactful initiatives have empowered countless individuals, catalyzing positive transformations in communities.



For your kind information, we are migrating the commercial colony (SCO) to commercial colony (175 FAR) over an area measuring 4.15625 acres (after migration from license no. 125 of 2023) in revenue estate of Village Gurugram, sector-14, Gurugram and LOI already issued on memo no. LC-5045/JE(SK)/2023/9217 – Dated 31-03-2023.