Creating Unforgettable Stays

At SPJ Group, hospitality is more than a business—it’s a passion. We are dedicated to crafting beautiful and magical moments for guests and tourists across India. Ramada, Ajmer is a testament to our commitment to ensuring every stay is memorable. Introducing our noble initiative, Astroport, we transform the hotel experience into a captivating journey through art and science. Partnering with hotels and resorts nationwide, we make stellar experiences enjoyable and unforgettable because, at the heart of it all, we believe in the magic of Science and Hospitality.

Ramada ajmer

Experience the epitome of luxury at Ramada, Ajmer, renowned for crafting exquisite moments for every guest. The hotel, strategically located near Pushkar, just a 40-minute drive away, invites you to a serene oasis with a clear sky and provides numerous amenities for a comfortable stay.


Astroport, spearheading distinctive tourism experiences in India, is dedicated to bringing the marvels of the universe within reach. In this innovative initiative, we strategically position telescopes in pollution-free zones, collaborating with hotels and scenic locales where the night sky is clear. Our immersive stargazing and educational programs, conducted nationwide, aim to ignite curiosity about the cosmos.

By delving into the mysteries of the deep sky, Astroports enhance the experience of travelers, adding the joy of science to their stay and providing a new and unforgettable dimension to their journey