Finance and Leasing

Empowering Through Financial Solutions

At SPJ Group, we understand the pivotal role of finance in business ventures, prompting us to offer diverse financial solutions. Our comprehensive approach supports businesses through strategic investments and the acquisition of assets that align with our mission and vision. This commitment is integral to realizing a brighter future for all our stakeholders.

real estate projects

Financial Solutions Portfolio


Long/Short-Term Investments

At SPJ, we specialize in financial solutions that cater to both long-term compounding and short-term gains. Our strategic investments foster financial success in diverse businesses



We empower diverse ventures with our expertise in financing, offering flexible and reliable support. We aim to ensure our partners' projects flourish with the right capital infusion.

Reviving Distressed Units

We strategically rejuvenate distressed units, turning challenges into opportunities and fostering growth and sustainability in every venture we undertake.


Venture Capital

To drive innovation, we offer venture capital to businesses and startups, accelerating growth, breakthroughs, and sustained success in dynamic markets.


NCLT Auction Sales

As strategic buyers in NCLT auction sales, SPJ Group acquires assets, converting financial challenges into opportunities. Our approach ensures growth, sustainability, and successful transformations in every acquisition.

Leasing Models

Our leasing model provides dynamic opportunities for unique experiences and successful business.

Maple Gold Banquet

Embrace sophistication at Maple Gold Banquet, your premier venue for weddings, conferences, parties, and more. Elegant ambience,  state-of-the-art facilities, and impeccable service ensure an unforgettable experience, complemented by tailored catering options and event packages —all this was achieved thanks to our novel leasing method.


Radisson Blu, Paschim Vihar, Delhi


Indulge in a world of excitement at Smaaash, Dwarka. From thrilling arcade games and virtual reality experiences to bowling lanes, it offers diverse fun for all ages. Enjoy tasty food and drinks in the vibrant atmosphere, ensuring an unforgettable outing with diverse and enjoyable leisure experiences—all made possible through our innovative leasing model.


Radisson Blu, Dwarka, Delhi



For your kind information, we are migrating the commercial colony (SCO) to commercial colony (175 FAR) over an area measuring 4.15625 acres (after migration from license no. 125 of 2023) in revenue estate of Village Gurugram, sector-14, Gurugram and LOI already issued on memo no. LC-5045/JE(SK)/2023/9217 – Dated 31-03-2023.